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Advanced Phone Systems for Business and Those Working from Home


There’s no denying that businesses today are heavily relying on advanced modes of communications like never before. What is making them do so? It’s the need to connect instantly and that too at no significant cost. Businesses that tend to adapt to changing market trends are more prone to achieving success. Even the pandemic couldn’t hamper the growth of selected businesses as they were constantly looking to fit in with the sharp market shifts. One such way was to follow a remote office system. Remote offices required remote phone systems to let the employees connect with each other and with the clients seamlessly. This is what we know as VoIP systems. 

Many of the business owners and consumers have been moving to VoIP phone systems from conventional phones due to a number of benefits which we will discuss later. This article brings you a whole lot of information about VoIP technology and how it has managed to revolutionise the businesses around the globe.

So if you need to know more, keep reading further! 

Technology and Connectivity

What sets apart the old and new communication systems? Technology of course! The advancements made in communication technology have brought major transformations from landline to VoIP phones. While nothing has changed in landline phones right from their inception in the early 20th Century, VoIP phones have successfully made their mark as the futuristic communication technology. Landlines require complicated wiring and exchange hardware, and allow limited functionality to the users whereas VoIP phones offer you almost EVERYTHING that you can imagine in the name of communication. 

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)

As mentioned before, the VoIP phones work by making use of the internet in order to make and receive phone calls. The calls could be placed with the help of either analogue phones, or IP (Internet Protocol) phones. VoIP technology converts a person’s voice into data packets to be transmitted over the Internet. You must have used Skype or Zoom for instance, if yes, then you’ve already used VoIP technology.

VoIP services have led to the expansion of digital connectivity, telecommuting, and data transfer. One may even customize features using a web portal and login. You can save large amounts by using VoIP phones. Reduce your monthly phone bills and communicate while reaping the benefits of multiple advanced features. 

Why you must opt for VoIP phones?

The most important aspect which can never go amiss is that VoIP phones cost much less than a landline phone. Employees doing remote jobs can simply start with downloading a softphone app on their Android or Apple handsets, or download it on desktop for Windows or Mac.

VoIP phones are loaded with numerous power-packed features for businesses of all sizes. 

Let’s look at the most sought out benefits of VoIP technology:

  • Caller ID – If the remote employees are away from their desk they can easily determine the incoming calls information by the help of caller ID. 
  • Automated-response and Call routing – An auto attendant makes phone calls through VoIP easier to look after. The callers are welcomed by a virtual assistant with a menu and are routed to extensions accordingly. One doesn’t have to worry about location because of VoIP’s built-in Automatic Call Distribution (ACD).
  • Call waiting– This feature is known to every lay person. It means that automatic call queuing occurs when your support team is facing a rush of callers. However, the best part is that when there is large caller traffic, this feature keeps the callers in place and reduces the possibility of callers leaving the line. 
  • Call forwarding – Remote employees with VoIP phones take advantage of quick call forwarding to their cell phones if in any case they are away from their business phone.
  • Voicemail forwarding – With this particular feature your employees can work worry-free. How? Well, whenever any employee receives a call but is unable to answer that immediately, they can forward the message to another teammate using this feature so that they may continue with their project.
  • Mobile App – A feature-loaded and responsive app helps the remote employees to stay connected no matter where they are. They’ll never have to miss anything important with a phone app which is connected to the same business phone system.
  • Advanced customisation – VoIP phones come with stunning benefit of customisation of calling features such as simultaneous ringing, N-Way calling, conference bridges, and more. 
  • Call recording – Another important feature that comes with VoIP phone systems is automatic call recording. With phone calls being recorded in the cloud, you save a lot of hassle that’s associated with wiring and equipment. Apart from that, keep every detail at your fingertips whenever you have to train your sales or support teams with the help of live recordings. 

VoIP for Businesses and those working from home

Businesses have shifted base from offices to employees’ homes right from the onset of the pandemic. But, during remote work the employees are not supposed to use personal contact numbers. In such scenarios it is the VoIP technology that comes to rescue for such businesses. VoIP phones exclusively support remote jobs and enhance the experience of remote connectivity with the help of phones and desktops allowing employees to connect calls from just anywhere.

Apart from that, the good news is that one may retain his/her present business phone number. To make your life easy, the VoIP service provider should be taking care of porting the current business number to the new VoIP phone system. With this there is no need to modify your business website, business cards, documents, letterheads or anything similar.


It is for sure that VoIP phone systems have drastically improved the communication system of the modern times. Faster internet and advancement of VoIP services in recent years have led to the greatest innovations lately. VoIP phones provide amazing benefits for small businesses and remote jobs where sound communication is the key.  Advanced VoIP features allow quick calls that can be made on your phone, connected to the Internet, or through a computer’s microphone and speakers through particular apps. The calls are extremely convenient provided you have good internet connectivity, where the data in the form of voice is routed between the callers by  the VoIP service provider within a fraction of seconds. 

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