VoIP Fax Solutions
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Support essential business needs while reducing costs with VoIP fax solutions. ClarityTel’s vFax, vFax+, and Pyxis VoIP fax machine let you fax without a phone line, cutting costs and simplifying your fax processes.

Fax on VoIP

Send and receive faxes, without an actual fax line.

Contracts, signed documents, and other key business paperwork are still often sent via fax, making it essential for businesses to have fax capability. But technology has changed – you’re no longer locked into difficult, expensive phone-based fax systems. Take advantage of the conveniences of modern technology with ClarityTel’s VoIP fax solutions: vFax or vFax+.

ClarityTel’s VoIP fax solutions’ benefits include:

  • Send and receive faxes without a modem-based machine on your virtual fax number.
  • Eliminate the need for a dedicated phone line. Everything is done virtually from the web.
  • Sending page fees are included in your service rate to the USA and Canada.
  • Never worry about a paper jam ever again.
  • Save hundreds or thousands of dollars per year with cost savings on fax cartridges and paper.
  • If you can get online or to e-mail, you can send from anywhere in the world.
  • ClarityTel vFax allows for multiple incoming faxes at one time.
  • Receive faxes whether your office is open or closed, online or not.
  • Online dashboard lets you manage and review your vFax service through an easy-to-use web interface.
  • Traditional fax machine service is available via T.37 and T.38 solutions with our ClarityTel Pyxis hardware. Contact our sales department if you need enterprise fax service with VoIP.

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Need a Traditional Fax Machine?

ClarityTel has you covered. Our Pyxis VoIP fax machine gives you all the functionality of a traditional fax modem without requiring a traditional phone line.

Download the Pyxis Fax Machine Solution Sheet for more information.

Which of ClarityTel's VoIP fax solutions fits?

Clarity vFax

300 inbound pages included.

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Clarity vFax+

500 inbound/outbound pages included.

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Pyxis Fax Machine

Fax without a traditional phone line.

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