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Eliminates the need to invest in expensive equipment 
Eliminates the need to invest in expensive gateway or desktop equipment. SIP Trunks also allows companies access to the benefits of a hosted VoIP service, without disposing of existing investments with their current phone system.
Reduces cost 
Reduces the cost associated with support and maintenance of hardware.
Gives companies points of presence in multiple cities 
Allows companies to have points of presence in multiple cities so they can establish local numbers rather than rely on 1-800 numbers.
Eliminates over-subscription 
Stop over subscribing to voice channels. Customize ClarityTel's advanced hosted solutions to your business needs.
Increases flexibility with implementation of call control 
SIP Trunks utilize DID's that allow each employee to have his or her own phone number or direct extension.
Nationwide Local Number 
Choose a new number anywhere in the US or Canada.
Local Number Portability (LNP) 
Keep your existing phone number by porting it from your current provider.
Online Dashboard 
Configure and manage auto attendant and call flows through an easy-to-use web interface.
Unlimited Extensions 
Create as many numeric extensions or departments as you like. Add a dial-by-name directory for $9.99 per month.
Unlimited Branch Logic 
Create unlimited sub menus and call flows under the main directory.
Unlimited Usage 
The monthly fee includes unlimited inbound and outbound calling.
1 Unified Voicemail Box 
Retrieve all voice messages from a single inbox. Add additional boxes for $4.99 each.
Voicemail with Email Delivery 
Receive voicemail online, by email as a .wav file (audio file) attachment, or mobile device notification.
Find Me / Follow Me or Call Blast 
Forward calls to multiple numbers that will ring in a designated sequence or ring all at the same time.
Time of Day Routing 
Route calls to other numbers or voicemail depending on a time of day pre-scheduled through the online dashboard.
Music on Hold 
Allows callers on hold to listen to system-generated music or upload your own music or messages to play until you can accept the caller.
Caller ID 
Know who's calling before answering and easily identify important calls.
One Number Marketing 
Nationwide Local or Toll Free numbers available. (LNP is available in most markets)
Cost Effective 
Reduce advertising costs and enjoy competitive pricing to fit any budget.
Service can easily scale as your business needs.
Disaster Recovery 
Redirect callers to another location in the case of store closure or natural disaster.
Unlimited Phone Presence 
Monitor the status of any extension with VoIP advanced hosted solutions.
Unlimited Concurrent Calls 
Manage all the calls your business receives, in real-time.
Unlimited Directories 
Create unlimited directories using the online dashboard.
Unlimited Call Paths 
Add more when your company needs with VoIP advanced hosted solutions.
Queuing Groups 
The service can be put on just the lines and call groups you need.
Online Dashboard 
Manage the business phone system online. Easily generate reports and review of your call statistics.
On Hold Music 
Can be customized or use our professional in-house files.
Online Dashboard 
Facilitates easy review and storage of recorded calls.
Record Calls 
Record all inbound and outbound calls for the entire organization.
Retrieve Call Information 
Listen to and review calls from all or any individual phone number on your account.
Query Information 
Pull calls from any date range for any phone number.
Audio Files 
All call files can be saved, deleted, or forwarded via e-mail for others to review.
Unlimited number 
Deliver messages to any telephone number nationwide. We'll issue you a "broadcast box" giving you easy access to all our broadcasting technology.
Operator feature included 
A powerful sales tool! If you caller likes what they hear, you can program in any phone number nationwide for a direct connect.
Different message delivery 
A different message can be delivered if your caller answers live or if the call goes to voicemail.
Opt out feature 
Any recipient can press a button and be automatically removed from your voice broadcast lists insuring your business stays compliant.
Custom message recordings 
Record your own broadcast with our help or have a member of our team share your news or promotion.
Force Caller ID 
Send out the caller ID number that your business chooses.
Standard Pricing 
$9.99 per month for the broadcast module and 4.9 cents per minute. An average 30-second broadcast translates to 2.5 cents per completed delivery.
Custom Pricing Available 
Contact our sales department for accounts over 100,000 minutes per month.
Nationwide Local or Toll Free Number 
Choose a new local or toll free number anywhere in the US or Canada.
Local Number Portability (LNP) 
Keep your existing phone number by porting it from your current provider.
Find Me / Follow Me or Call Blast 
Calls can be forwarded to multiple numbers that will ring in a designated sequence or ring all at the same time.
Time of Day Routing 
Route calls to other numbers or voicemail depending on the time of day that the user pre-schedules through the online dashboard.
Nationwide Call Centers 
Help is standing by 24/7 to meet your every need.
Full Custom Scripting 
Available for each account with no extra charges.
After Hours Answering Professionals 
Our trained professionals are available around the clock. We are 100% HIPAA compliant.
Real Estate Services 
Solutions for investor buyer and seller response lines.
Order Entry / Telemarketing Solutions 
Highly trained agents are qualified in cross and up selling.
Direct TV / Advertising 
Media responses with nationwide toll free numbers can be customized for any campaign.
Catalog Sales / Seminar and Event Registrations 
A great way for you to outsource new sales orders and compile registration information for upcoming events.
Standard answering service rates apply plus $14.99 per extension call flow. Custom solutions available for almost any need.

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