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How to Choose the Best VoIP Service for Your Business?


VoIP is not a new concept for startups and small/medium-sized businesses. Almost all mid-level businesses relied on and are still using VoIP, during the pandemic times, for maintaining their effective communication systems

Your business needs a suitable VoIP service provider. But, how to choose one amongst the many VoIP service providers? Well, that’s a tough call. 

Here are some useful tips to help you choose the right VoIP service for your business to maintain the desirable quality of communication. 

Ways to choose the right VoIP service for the business

You should have a well-thought procedure before choosing the best VoIP services to enjoy its offered benefits to the fullest. Let us review the ways required for selection: 

1. Understand your needs

As mentioned, there are a lot of VoIP service providers available in the market. Each offers different plans to satisfy varying business needs. 

However, not every business would require the same plan, and not the same plan will satisfy every need of a business. Therefore, you need to choose a plan according to your needs and requirements. 

This can be easily done once you are fully aware of the desired needs of your business. Invest some time to analyze your business and to get completely aware of the VoIP services which would satisfy those requirements. 

2. Shortlist the options

Once you are fully aware of your business’s needs, the next essential thing you need to focus on is shortlisting the favorable choices amongst the available options. Make a list of the VoIP service providers for further analysis. 

3. Let’s talk about price

Price is one of the most crucial parameters to consider when choosing a VoIP service plan. The price will keep on increasing with a VoIP package with more services. Therefore, you need to carefully look into the aspect to avoid overspending during the selection. 

Compare the price value of the shortlisted options to get a clear idea of the offered benefits and the affordable price. 

4. The offered collaboration tools

Different VoIP solutions offer different collaboration tools. Different businesses are comfortable using different communication tools. 

To ensure your chosen service package plan contains the right collaboration tools, you must be fully aware of the plan.

Also, as your business will grow, it would need more services and extensions. Thus, be sure that your chosen plan allows modifications and addition of the required extensions as and when required. 

5. Call management accuracy

You need a VoIP service package to accurately and effectively manage your call systems which shouldn’t be compromised at any cost. Make sure that the chosen package plan contains all the desired features for call management. 

You should be able to tailor the selected features according to your audience base. What is important to understand is that the chosen features should be beneficial for your business without troubling the normal flow of operations. 

6. The 3rd party integration

Integrating a VoIP phone system with an existing system is not a “plug & play” scenario. It requires several integrations to be made on the backend to get the desired result on the frontend. 

Your chosen service provider should provide you all the necessary integrations suitable for a smooth experience. 

In simple words, it means that your chosen VoIP service package should suitably integrate with the apps you are using for your business. For example, most VoIP service packages support Dropbox, Google Drive, and, but there can be some more which your business needs. Check if your chosen VoIP package supports your requirements. 

Also, your business might need some more extensions and additional apps in the future for its smooth functioning. Therefore, be sure that the chosen VoIP service package can easily integrate with such possibilities as well. 

7. Offered support

Lastly, the VoIP services chosen will crucially affect how smoothly your business functions and communicates through continuous and reliable support from the service provider. 

Is support available in your chosen plan? Is the service provider available 24/7 for your assistance and to help? Is the chosen provider really the giving you the best communication solution you’re looking for? 

These are some of the important questions you need to clarify before finalizing your choice in a VoIP service provider. 

Your business is crucial and is growing every year and there will be times when you need additional support to manage it without hassles. Thus, you should be able to reach the support department of the service provider over calls, emails, etc. as and when required. 

This becomes even more important when your business is growing rapidly and you need to manage multiple phone lines and systems. 


A good VoIP connection ensures delivering transparent communication solutions within the business. If you need a helping hand to choose the desired VoIP services without any hassles, you

can totally trust Claritytel. 18 years of VoIP service experience, in-depth knowledge, and sheer understanding of business’ needs, supports the efficiency of our brand, giving us an edge over our competitors. 

Services useful for some businesses may not be suitable for your business. Therefore, you need to be careful while selecting suitable VoIP services for your business. Make sure you consider all these essential tips before choosing or switching your VoIP service provider. 

If you have any questions or need help choosing the right communications packages for your business, call ClarityTel today and speak with an experienced VoIP representative. 

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