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How to Use Voice Broadcasting


With voice broadcasting, the business can deliver one succinct, direct message to as many people as it has contacts and in small, medium, or large groups — all in a cost-effective manner.

A pre-recorded voice broadcast leaves no room for error or inconsistency. When scripted and recorded well, voice broadcasts effectively share information while boosting the consumer’s sense that they are individually important to the company.

Voice Broadcasting’s Many Uses

Voice broadcasting has been in use since the 1990s and has both commercial and community applications. The immediacy of the message (which can be personalized) and the ability to segment audiences who receive the broadcast have kept this telecommunications solution in use. Let’s consider some of its more effective applications:

  • Conduct surveys

Considering the pending American election, an obvious use of voice broadcast surveys presents itself — political campaigns seeking feedback on their candidate. Commercial ventures too can use outbound surveys to gauge customer satisfaction after a store purchase, restaurant visit or interaction with call center employees.

Best Practice Note: Always provide an Automatic Do Not Call option such as “press nine to be removed from our call list.”

  • Confirm, cancel or change upcoming appointments

how to use voice broadcastingThis is a prevalent use of voice broadcasting by medical service providers, dentists and the like. The broadcast updates the consumer and can even offer directions to new offices or remind the call recipient to arrive early with insurance forms in hand.

  • Encourage renewals

A simple voice broadcast message can ask publication subscribers if they wish to renew. If yes, the broadcast can then confirm the personal information needed. Pharmacies too are using this technology to increase revenue with automated refills.

  • Community welfare updates

Voice broadcasting is used more and more these days in reminding patients to take their medicines (e.g. seniors or those recently released from hospital), and can also be used to confirm that a senior living independently is OK.

  • Notify customers of product news

A retailer might voice broadcast its customer loyalty program members with news of a coming product release in stores. An automobile retailer might use this tool to inform owners of a particular vehicle of a product recall.

  • Send immediate notifications

Examples of this range from government agencies sending emergency alert notifications and church groups letting members know of a room change. Business examples include airline travel notifications and banking institutions with fraud prevention notifications.

Intelligent voice broadcasting can effectively cut costs, save money, and generate revenue. Save time and streamline your business communications with ClarityTel Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) solutions including automated voice broadcasting.