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Impact of Unified Communication Solutions on Small Businesses and Work-from-Home Trends


Current scenarios around the globe have led companies, whether small or large, to increasingly adapt to flexible working environments that allow smooth communications, no hindrances, and leaves no loophole in driving the business forward. Efficient cloud-based interactions play a key role in achieving the goal. With advent of technology and to keep in pace with the fast racing world businesses are considering all-in-one office equipment with advanced communication solutions in order to solve telecom related issues.

UCaaS or unified communications as a service plays a powerful role in scaling up the businesses, start-ups to industry giants, UCaaS acts as a life-saver due to its versatile properties such as easy accessibility from any device and just anywhere. Also, that it is scalable and highly interactive.To keep a small business run efficiently and in line with competitors can actually be a tough task. Working from home has become the new normal, but that comes with its own drawbacks such as million distractions and reduced productivity. With advanced communication solutions, UCaaS and VoIp services, working from home online with greater productivity has never been so easy! 

With this article we bring you all the information that you need to know about UCaaS and the benefits it confers to your business growth. Read on to discover how ClarityTel brings advancement in office technology and telecommuting to boost your business to new heights.

For those who are still unaware what UCaaS is:

Unified communications as a service is an exemplary communication solution which offers effortless integration of telecom services and communication tools such as instant messages, voicemail, web/video/audio conferencing and blending much more within a single interface. It is conveniently accessible from all devices which make it the primary choice for people who are working from home or are self-employed, letting them connect with their team or any client no matter what the location is. UCaaS is powered by the technology known as Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP).  VoIP solutions are employed to transmit sound as data packets mediated by a cloud service provider. The VoIP phone numbers and notifications run through the universal session initiation protocol (SIP).

ClarityTel, the best VoIP provider:

ClarityTel is a leading provider of business VoIP solutions. They have been serving businesses with upgraded VoIP phone systems and excellent VoIP services since 2003.

Their vast network and technical expertise makes them the perfect choice for business with advanced VoIP technology and communication systems.

Your company and customers rely on the ability to be able to reach you in a timely and efficient manner. ClarityTel spruces up your business experiences with secure, reliable, and quick telecom services, allowing timely connections with your company, team, or client.

Advantages of UCaaS: 

Unified communications have proven to be the most efficient and immensely accessible communications solutions to meet business needs of the current times. 

Following are the major benefits of UCaaS.

1. Efficient costing

VoIP systems and UCaaS happen to be the best communication solutions for advancement in office technology whether it’s a start-up or large scale business, in affordable price and utilizes no physical space. ClarityTel helps in increasing cost-efficiency, lets you quantify the savings making you save more on energy bills by upgrading your business telecom services with VoIP systems.

2. Reliability & Security

Being bound by service level agreements (SLAs), the UCaaS providers offer absolutely reliable and secure cloud communications, transferring data with complete privacy and protection. Breach of cybersecurity in a cloud environment may lead to unfathomable risks. VoIP solutions and telecom services by ClarityTel host your information and data securely protecting your business all along the way. ClarityTel guarantees protection and safety of your data with full regulation, strong file protection, HIPAA-compliant, and excellent uptime.

3. Entire data in a single location 

Working from home online with teams and clients located distance apart requires different tools and platforms to execute the work efficiently. UCaaS allows seamless interactions with all team members through a central communications cloud comprising of entire information and communications in one single place. UCaaS confer business work force the ability to operate from one single platform and keeps them from the fuss of toggling between applications or handling multiple tabs to perform different tasks.

4. Employee flexibility, mobility and better team collaboration

UCaaS communication systems allow team members to easily access a variety of communication channels from any device be it a laptop, desktop, or phone, rendering greater work flexibility, better user experience, productive and a happy work system for all. VoIp provider like ClarityTel helps your business streamline workflows, unify communications, and efficiently access various communication systems such as team messaging, video conferencing, screen sharing, data transfer and much more.

5. Greater team productivity

Unified communication solutions help elevate team productivity and saves time by enabling your team members to have easy access to varied communication channels within one platform

6. Escalated revenue growth:

Telecom services and VoIP business solutions at ClarityTel offer collaborative tools to the work force enabling them to tackle with client’s queries and requirements through strategic solutions and decisions that enhance your business growth with consistent and successful results, and goodwill of reputed organisation that puts its clients at priority.


Whether you are self-employed, running a small business or a large organization, finding a suitable unified communication service provider is a daunting challenge. Companies no longer wish to work with heavy, unwanted, and spacious telecom machinery. Work-from-home, hybrid and remote work systems are gaining popularity. To curb issues related with distant work environments, engaging with the right unified communication service provider helps in swiftly carrying out data transfer and scaling business growth. The boom in UCaaS platforms’ popularity has conferred the freedom to businesses in effortlessly connecting across distances the way they want with the latest communications systems all within one platform. ClarityTel offers ultimate VoIP systems that are ideal for the evolving work culture globally. With their vast telecom services and solutions, ClarityTel are one of the leading VoIP service providers.

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