Tired of messing with toner and loading paper into the fax machine? Many enterprise owners are. That’s just one of the reasons they have moved to a fax to email service.

This technology allows you to:

  • send and receive faxes online
  • execute your fax campaign from your desktop
  • streamline campaigns with easy-to-use solutions
  • eliminate fax equipment and the annoyance of busy signals
  • address privacy concerns as faxes are sent directly to the user’s email inbox

Inbound Fax to Email service solutions boost productivity.

  • Receive all inbound faxes regardless of how many are incoming simultaneously.
  • Save on traveling to the machine over and over again to check on a fax. Fax to email service sends a notice right to your desktop.
  • Easily view, print and save faxes as before, but now easily forward the fax — just as you would an email.

ClarityTel’s unlimited inbound vFax service acts as a stand-alone fax number at a discount cost. You’ll enjoy receiving digitally stored, clear and crisp documents in an Adobe .pdf format right on your desktop.

With ClarityTel you can choose a new local or toll-free fax number or port your existing number from your current provider. Enhance productivity enjoy fax to email's many other conveniences. 

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Clarity is world class organization. I really appreciate the excellent 24 x7 customer and technical support from Chris, Derrick and the rest of the team. This team supports you 365 days a year and at any time of the day remotely. You cannot get this type of service in the USA anymore.... Being with Clarity over 6 years I did not have any down time that impacted my business. Thanks again for the ongoing excellent support.

We have worked with ClarityTel for over 2 years now. We feel that they were the missing link in order for us to fulfil our clients call handling requirements. We are very impressed with the service ClarityTel gives from start to finish and that’s why we feel confident in recommending them to all of our clients Chris is always there every step of the way and he gives 100% support! ClarityTel listens to what their clients’ needs are.

Clarity Management has amazing customer service in a world where it doesn't seem to exist anymore. Whenever we reach them to help us with things, whether as small as changing a password, they are so helpful. We are proud to be customers of theirs and would recommend them to any company. Five star rating in my book.

We are extremely glad we switched our service to Clarity. We have four locations, and an office, and it has made communication between everyone seamless. It is reliable and very affordable. To top it off, the customer service has been impeccable. Derrick and Chris are responsive to all of our needs. We look forward to continuing to use Clarity as our business grows.