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Modern businesses run using varied communication tools and telecommuting techniques such as phone calls, instant messaging, video conferencing, webinars, emails, SMS/MMS, fax and a lot more to count on. Unified Communications refers to a phone system with multiple integrated communication modes within a single platform. Unified communications solutions unify every way possible in which a business has to function, and all that within a single operational location furthermore connecting your business workforce in a convenient manner allowing it to reach places within a matter of seconds.  Unified communication systems act as a superior alternative to future-proof small business investments and keep in line with technology advancements. Unified Communications solutions are fueled by latest VoIP technology that brings business and communication together to generate revenue by increasing sales and connectivity. A large number of businesses worldwide have adopted VoIP phone systems over traditional phones due to the versatility the former provides. It’s easy to grasp how unified communications systems confer great efficiency to your business.

Let’s read on more to discover the benefits of Unified Communications for people who are self-employed or working from home online.

Unified Communications solutions and added benefits:

Unified Communications systems offer a single platform bringing together all the interactions within a business organization and optimize them seamlessly. Quicker team collaboration is achieved that positively correlates to productivity due to increased engagements with team members, dealers, vendors, prospects, and clients. Unified Communications services include business phone calls, Voicemail, IVR, chat, instant messages, video conferences, Fax and the list goes on. It integrates with various other business tools and communication channels such as Email, social media, web applications, and customer relationship management (CRM) system. The user has the ability to engage efficiently in channels and tools on the instant messaging services with VoIP technology. Unified Communications systems reduce the number of tools and replaces out dated office equipment with striking solutions and integrated telecom services to offer a competitive edge to all types of businesses.

Advantages include:

  • Cost reduction and better efficiency
  • Increase in sales and revenue
  • Better team collaboration
  • Greater mobility and quick customer service
  • Fine Web-based user interface
  • Fax support
  • Easy conferencing
  • Secure and fast data transfer
  • Collaboration with unified messaging

Embark on your UCaaS journey with ClarityTel right away! A trusted provider of latest and all-in-one office technology, business communications systems and software, ClarityTel provides businesses of all sizes with technology that fits your needs. VoIP business solutions provided at ClarityTel are totally customizable as per the need of client, whether it’s a work-from-home set-up or a large scale enterprise. At par customer support is provided additionally with excellent technical expertise where the team supports you all year round, at any time of the day, even remotely! ClarityTel’s exceptional VoIP business solutions allow you risk-proof investments and greater savings by providing VoIP services according to your choice with low rates and no add-on charges. At ClarityTel, we provide advanced VoIP phone systems totally customized to your requirements with advanced IP solutions and catchy services to meet the rising business demands.

How do VoIP systems help small businesses?

Running a small business is no easy task. Working from home online or self-employed, a major concern to overcome for businesses is communications mismanagement. To curb the issue it is imperative to find a reliable and secure communication method which is cost-effective and allows connecting with team members and clients swiftly, especially when high customer demands and traffic arise. Since the customer expects quick response and faster resolution of any issue, the support team has to be constantly available without any disruptions.  Various companies had to lose significant number of either the employees or customers owing to communications mismanagement. Here comes the critical role Unified Communications systems play for office equipment such as VoIP softphones for business communications. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is the technology that transmits phone calls over the Internet, thereby requiring no usage of bulky telephone landlines.

VoIP services are comparatively faster and cost-effective, especially for long-distance communications or international calls since they allow operations in minimal space with least IT infrastructure which eventually mitigates the need for individual voice and data networks. The VoIP service provider manages hardware and maintenance along with VoIP phone system updates rendering these Unified Communications systems more valuable to start-ups and work-from-home set up with limited time and IT resources.

Unified Communications systems provide broad range in easy telecommuting and offer flexible work options to the employees where they collaborate internally and externally with clients inn fraction of seconds. The Unified communications solutions help you in saving large amounts with business VoIP phone systems. A broadband connection enables you to reap benefits from impeccable VoIP services, so for that you need to switch to an IP phone or simply add an adaptor to your current one. VoIP phones are basically software programs that allow faster and clearer voice/video calls with the help of Internet. To enable calls, software could be provided by a VoIP provider with user-friendly interface and standard VoIP solutions. Business VoIP services, on the other hand, refer to a commercial-class version of personal VoIP services. VoIP business offers various communication solutions with advanced features services such as live videos, voicemail plus email delivery, conference calling, and automated attendants depending on the size of organization.

ClarityTel provides a variety of current best VoIP phones which are programmed with your personalized account settings before being sent for plug-and-play deployment.


Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) has helped various small businesses and start—ups that were devoid of traditional office equipment or hi-tech IT departments. However, UCaaS has paved its way to managing telecom services for midsize businesses and enterprises.

These are the times when UCaaS is considered as the future of telecommuting. Out of the various ways out, finding a suitable communications system for your small business becomes tiresome, especially the one which may exert strong impact on your business and help it grow. Companies adopting VoIP softphones should make sure that employees have easy access to computers and mobile devices. 

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