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The Best Ways to Improve Employee Communication While Working from Home


Communication is one of the essential assets of any business. It ensures the smooth flow and execution of the daily operations. Thus, every organization can benefit from reliable communication solutions to communicate internally and externally without any hassles or disruptions. 

However, the current work from home scenario has challenged the continuation of effective communication between employees, and between employees and clients. Significant concerns are different time zones, lack of awareness, poor Internet connection, unavailability of the required online platform, etc. 

Fortunately, there are some simple tips to overcome the hassles of maintaining effective and continuous business communication. Care enough to know? 

Ways to maintain employee communication in work from home scenarios

1. Explore new tools

The best way to ensure effortless communication between the employees is by exploring new and advanced tools. Many new platforms and tools are introduced every day. Businesses can rely on and use any of the appropriate communication tools. 

Initially, don’t expect everyone to be on the same scale. Train and educate your employees about the tool to ease out its use. It may be a small thing, but it can make a huge difference. 

2. Maintain a schedule yet be flexible

According to the latest survey, nearly 90% of employees have confirmed flexible communication arrangements increases their morale. 

Moreover, not every employee work at the same time. Therefore, maintaining a scheduled timetable will avoid creating chaos. This also helps in maintaining the smooth flow of daily operations. 

However, to support the current need of working from home online, the businesses should be open to a flexible schedule. For example – the working timings of the employees should be maintained according to their time zone. 

As long as the employees and employers are clear about the available time, the flexible working environment will increase work productivity and employee morale. 

3. Early identification of the issues and concerns

Do you often wait to address a problem? Well, this is where you lack with your communication solution

Don’t wait till your small problems become larger ones. Take quick actions and resolve the minor problems before it turns into something problematic. Focus on solving the problem and not adding to it. 

For example, if there is any misunderstanding between 2 employees, try and solve it before turning into a big ego fight.

4. Different communication models for different employees

Not all employees prefer communicating in the same way. On the one hand, while some prefer a video call, many others prefer communicating using text messages. 

For example, many employees are not much familiar with maintaining body language during a video call. Likewise, many other employees might find it challenging to interpret the received emails. 

Don’t let all these things become a hurdle during communication with your employees. Instead, deliver the best communication model to your employees, ensure to know what suits them the best. 

5. Be prepared for new challenges

While you are investing your time and efforts to understand and adapt to new and advanced communication models, it is equally essential to be aware of the possible new challenges. Always be prepared to expect unexpected obstacles while maintaining a communication plan for your business. 

For example, many employees are not familiar with the VoIP services and thus may face hardships while communicating with other employees. 

An early preparation against the possible challenges can help the businesses to maintain their normal operations without any hassles. It also ensures to keep its pace with the business productivity. 

6. Be regular with your communications

If you are not regular with your communication schedule, there is a lot that you are keeping at risk. A non-constant and inconsistent communication model mostly fails to gain the trust of its employees. 

Your employees will never openly use such a model which they cannot rely on or trust. 

Moreover, regular communication helps in proper management of remote employees and also to develop between the employees. 

Being connected with your employees regularly will help the business overcome all the significant challenges that may come across. Regular open communication also enhances business productivity and revenue numbers. 

7. Always preserve time for communication

Do you know, there may be an employee in your office not much familiar with the office equipment? There can be some others facing troubles with the office policies and strategies. 

These are not some things that you might learn overnight. This needs your time for communication regularly. Thus, it is always advised to preserve some time to communicate with your employees. 

You can also include some fun activities once a week, where the employees can openly share their thoughts, concerns and doubts. 


A regular communication model should always be encouraged for all business types. 

Communication systems for maintaining transparent and fruitful talk sessions with your employees are extremely crucial. If you are looking for a reliable, trusted and reputed companion to help you with your communication needs, no choice can be better than Claritytel. 

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