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Tips for Finding the Best VoIP Phone System Provider


Having reliable VoIP office equipment is a key contributor to the success of any business, specifically today when organizations are adopting a work from home culture. Selecting the right communication solution like a VoIP phone system is not as easy as one may think. When searching, you’ll find plenty of articles written on VoIP phone systems and what they can do for you. Narrowing down your selection among the many VoIP options and service providers is where the challenge resides. 

You’ve made your mind to switch from using a conventional phone system to a modern VoIP system. That’s great! But it still leaves the question: “Which VoIP phone system is right for my business?” 

A quick Google search will return hundreds of VoIP providers. Among them, you’ll be able to see and compare the different communication solutions being offered in terms of pricing and features. As you narrow your search for the best VoIP phone system provider for your business, here are a few “Do’s & Don’ts” to keep in mind as you compare the top VoIP phone system providers, looking for the one best suited to handle your business communications. 

DO your research, but DON’T become overwhelmed by all the options and choices that the VoIP industry offers. When reaching out to VoIP providers, be careful not to become misled or confused when discussing packages and service offerings with sales agents from different 

companies. Keep in mind that this is a competitive industry and oftentimes these agents work on commission, using fast and pressuring methods just to make a sale and lock you into a contract. 

DON’T go with the very first company you talk to just because it seems quicker and easier, and especially don’t agree to buy if you’re being pressured into any immediate “act now!” or “one-time only!” sales tactics. You need to take the time to calmly compare and consider other companies before agreeing to any contractual terms or payments. Be sure that the sales agents you speak with fully understand the specific VoIP communication tools and features that your particular company requires and be sure they can provide them. “Cookie-cutter” packages that are commonly offered in the market may not be suitable nor fully serve all of your business communication needs. 

DO take time to read over any VoIP service contract before you sign it. It’s important to have a clear understanding of what is agreed upon between you and the service provider to ensure that you’re getting the features and tools you expect; that you’re getting what you’re paying for; and most importantly, to make sure you’re getting the level of VoIP services and support you actually need. Read the contract carefully to understand the terms and conditions to avoid any problems in the future. Oversights and small mistakes can lead to big disasters. Be sure to make yourself completely aware of the terminology used along the payment and service terms as they are defined. 

DON’T forget about the migration process. Before choosing any VoIP phone system provider, it is very important to understand what their migration process is. Typically, for

smaller businesses the process is seamless with little or no downtime. However, for larger businesses and organizations, safety measures and quality assurance must be adhered to during the migration phase. The VoIP service provider you choose must be organized and attentive during each point of the migration phase. The service provider should also allow access to their technical support team as well as offer training for your internal team, either with one-on-one instruction or with the use of well-documented resources such as instruction manuals and tutorial videos. 

DO consider different hosting options for your business. Modern VoIP communication solutions typically provide two types of hosting options: cloud-based, and on-premise. Each option has its own set of pros and cons, but the choice really comes down to what your business requires and which option best fills that need. While cloud-based hosting is easy to manage as you don’t have to worry about any additional VoIP phone system, equipment, or software installations. On the contrary, on-premise hosting may require additional work and services such as installing physical voice servers and/or delivery lines. Depending on your business size, cloud-based communication solutions are more ideal for smaller businesses, while on-premises solutions are most suitable for larger corporations and enterprises. 

DON’T ignore infrastructure. It is always important to review the existing hardware and network infrastructure before finalizing any VoIP phone system or solution. You are opting for a VoIP phone system to increase your business’s bandwidth since it will be used by multiple employees. If your current system hardware is outdated or not technically capable to handle an increase in call demand, you’ll be facing poor call quality and reduced productivity. Therefore, it is always advisable to be mindful of your existing network and hardware infrastructure before making your final selection. 

DO identify what all of the possible endpoints may be. It’s very important to consider all of the endpoints in which your VoIP phone system will connect and communicate. For example, your business may utilize fax machines and you need to send information from fax machines to customers with the VoIP phone system. Perhaps your business requires additional headsets or hardware to be integrated with the VoIP system. There are a range of use cases from one business to the next, so it is important to know all of your endpoint requirements that your business needs and relies on. Keep a list of the requirements you have and the different ways you’ll need to use your VoIP phone system. Then, double check and make sure that your business’s communication needs will be fully supported by the selected service provider. 

Without any doubt, VoIP phone systems and their communication solutions offer great flexibility to businesses that support remote employees and a “work-from-home” culture. However, it can be a daunting task for any business owner to find the right communication solution for their business. Following the “Do’s & Don’ts” discussed in this article will help you find and choose the best VoIP phone system provider for your business. 

DO consider that it’s fairly easy to get remote employees that are willing to switch from conventional phone systems, to adopt and adapt to using VoIP services. Maybe you’re considering VoIP services for your remote workers, or perhaps you need to switch your entire business communications over to VoIP technology. Or, maybe you’re already using

VoIP technology but looking for a better VoIP provider that is more efficient and budget wise than you currently have. 

Regardless of what drives your VoIP search, Claritytel is here to help and guide you through the process! Get in touch with one of our communication solutions experts and we’ll match the most suitable VoIP phone system and solutions to your business.

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