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Clarity is uniquely equipped to deploy your end-to-end communication.

For the small, mid, large or enterprise company, VoIP voice technology reduces cost for equipment, unnecessary phone lines, IT manpower, and costly phone vendor maintenance and upgrades. With ClarityTel’s voice solutions, all of your organization’s voice traffic is integrated onto the ClarityTel cloud-based network. This gives you comfort that you are in good hands 24/7. By bypassing the need for an in-house PBX, your scalability possibilities are unlimited with the needs you can see today, and the things you can’t see for tomorrow. Let ClarityTel’s voice solutions team customize a system for your organization’s needs now and the future.

ClarityTel Voice Solutions features include:

Nationwide Local Number 
Choose a new number anywhere in the US or Canada.
Local Number Portability (LNP) 
Port your existing phone number from your current provider.
Unlimited Calling 
Local and long distance calling in the USA, Canada and Puerto Rico are included in your plan rate.
Online Dashboard 
Configure and manage your VoIP service through an easy-to-use web interface.
Video Conferencing 
The ClarityTel collaboration suite includes audio and video conferencing plus web presentations.
Web phone 
There's a free web phone built into every ClarityTel online dashboard.
Free Softphone for IOS, Windows phone and Android mobile device for each user.
1 Unified Voicemail Box 
Retrieve your voice messages from a single inbox.
Voicemail with Email Delivery 
Receive notification of voicemail online, by email with or without file attachment, or via mobile device.
Find Me / Follow Me or Call Blast 
Forward calls to multiple numbers that will ring in a designated sequence or ring all at the same time.
Time of Day Routing 
Route calls to other numbers or voicemail depending user scheduling through the online dashboard.
Presence / Busy Lamp Field (BLF) 
Know who is busy/on the phone within your company with lights on your ClarityTel phone.
Night Mode 
Press a single key to set your call flow to a night time setting. Complete with BLF notification.
Group paging / Intercom paging 
"Somebody pick up line 1."
Conference Calling Capabilities 
Add a second outgoing call to an already connected call. Or initiate a conference call for up to 6 callers.
Caller ID 
Know who's calling before you answer to help identify important calls.
Call Blocking 
Deny incoming calls by caller ID.
Force Caller ID 
Send out the caller ID number that you choose for each user account.
Call Waiting 
Be notified when another caller is trying to reach you while you are on a call.
Do Not Disturb 
Callers will be directed straight to voicemail when you don't want to be disturbed.
Call Park 
Park a call to have the call retrieved by another extension on the account.
Call Hold 
Put a call on hold while you answer another call.
Call Record 
Initiate recording a single call with the touch of a button.
Music on Hold 
Allows callers on hold to listen to system generated music or upload your own selections.
Transfer calls to other phone numbers or extensions within your organization.
Ring Group / Call Group 
Distribute calls from a single phone number or extension to multiple phone lines.
Call Logs 
Detailed call records by extension or account provided.
ClarityTel Mobile Connect 
Use your mobile device to place and return calls from your Clarity service and caller ID.
ClarityTel Apps 
Available via Google Play or Apple Store for Android and IOS systems.
CNAM Display and LIDB 
Callers see your business name when you call them by insertion into the line information database.
Directory Assistance Listing 
Have your business inserted into the online white pages listing.
911 Service 
Register your service to any address for emergency personnel to locate you.

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