Questions about our services or VoIP in general?

The answers to these Frequently Asked Questions will help you better understand Business VoIP solutions.

1. What is VoIP (Voice over IP)?

VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol, is a technology that allows you to make and receive phone calls through the Internet. Voice is converted into packets of data, sent out over the Internet through a broadband connection, and reassembled at the other end of the line.

2. Why should I use business VoIP solutions?

VoIP phone services offer familiar capabilities and features, such as local and nationwide calling, three-way calling, call waiting, call forwarding, and caller ID. These features, which typically cost extra with normal telephone services, are free with most VoIP phone services.

VoIP also gives you the ability to control phone settings online. For example,through your online virtual office you can set your preferences for features such as call forwarding and receiving voicemail notifications.

One of the reasons that VoIP is becoming the option of choice for a lot of phone users is that it significantly lowers the cost of traditional phone service with affordable calling plans that feature unlimited local and domestic long distance, as well as competitive international rates.

3. What is broadband internet service?

Broadband is a high-speed internet connection that operates through a cable or DSL modem. In order to use ClarityTel phone service you must have broadband. This helps ensure high-quality audio on all of your calls. Because your call is converted into data packets that travel the Internet, the faster the internet connection, the more quickly and efficiently your call will arrive at its destination. You will also want to have broadband internet service with a speed of 400kb/s up and downstream.

4. Can I use my current number with ClarityTel?

You can use your current number with the ClarityTel service. You will need to fill out a LNP (Local Number Port) form. Fill this form out and send it back to us to begin the porting process. A one-time port fee of $15 that will be added to your account.

5. Why should I use ClarityTel business VoIP solutions?

ClarityTel phone service offers the following advantages:

  • Competitive rates.
  • High-quality phone service at prices significantly lower than traditional phone services.
  • Great international rates.
  • Online virtual office for administration of your phone as well as changing preferences, viewing your bill, and listening to voicemail.
  • Advanced features such as voicemail, call waiting, caller ID, three-way calling, and on-hold music.
  • Online account management portal to control your service.

6. How does ClarityTel phone service work?

ClarityTel uses a technology called VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol, which enables you to make and receive phone calls through the Internet. ClarityTel can be used with an adapter that you plug in between your phone (any standard phone) and cable or DSL modem, a VoIP enabled phone or cordless VoIP phone, or a soft phone allowing you to place and receive calls. Just pick up the phone and dial the ten digit number (or plus country code for international calls) of the person you wish to call.

7. What type of internet service will I need to use the ClarityTel phone service?

To ensure high quality service, we recommend that you use broadband or high speed internet.

8. How do I signup?

You can sign up on the ClarityTel order now page or contact our Sales Department at 866-399-8647.

9. What do I need in preparation for installation of ClarityTel Phone service?

You will need a physical network connection (not wireless) available for each phone device. The network connection needs to be active. You can test it by connecting a computer to the network connection to see if you are able to access the internet.

10. Do I have to sign a contract for service?

ClarityTel does not require you to sign a contract. We do require 30 day written notice prior to cancellation of service.

11. Can I use my own hardware or device with the ClarityTel Service?

Yes, you can bring your own hardware and use it with ClarityTel business VoIP solutions. As long the device is secure device and we have the firmware for the device, we will work with you to program it. We generally charge $5.00 per device for programming. Contact our sales department to answer any questions you have about using your own hardware.

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