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What is Phone Presence? How Phone Presence Benefits a Remote Work Environment…


COVID-19 and the resulting shift in how businesses operate and work has had a huge impact on the modern workplace. The shift from working in the office to working from home, is something that companies never expected to happen so fast. Many companies that once forbid remote work are realizing they must begin adapting and catering to this new working environment. 

When a workforce is composed of remote workers, a business needs a “top-of-the-line” remote phone system, and effective communication solutions to keep the business communications running smoothly, without any interruptions. 

If you haven’t already made the switch, now is the right time to move your business from a private phone system or out-dated landline dependency, to utilizing a modern VoIP solution (voice over internet protocol) such as Phone Presence instead. 

Still you may be wondering what is phone presence? How does phone presence benefit remote workers when working from home or other remote locations? Let’s take a look at what phone presence is and discuss some of the ways that this communication solution can 

help your business whether your workforce is connected from home or working remotely abroad. 


In the world of VoIP services, the term “presence” refers to the collective body of information that any communication network owns over team members’ availability to communicate, using business phone, or even text messaging. You can think of it as a status indicator that helps organizations identify and locate particular staff who are either on or off the phone (who’s available / who isn’t available). 

Phone presence can be a very effective and strategic communication solution to help businesses keep an eye on its workers, allocate and communicate tasks to those workers who are available, and more. Most importantly, it provides the means to check the realtime phone status of your staff or colleagues. 

How does Phone Presence work? 

Phone Presence works by using device location data, organization-wide login details, and status updates in order to provide businesses a strategic dashboard with a real-time view of availability. It can help you know various information such as who is available within a team, where their location is, and their present state of interaction by phone or via chat. 

How does Phone Presence help your organization work more effectively from home?

Faster and effective collaboration. One of the biggest challenges in the work from home environment is effective collaboration. When any staff needs help addressing a specific problem, they may not know the availability of other colleagues who are also working remotely. Phone presence features a faster collaborative experience by showing the team members who are available. Right from sending a message to an agent to knowing if someone is available to talk, you can easily boost a friendly collaborative environment within your organization. 

A tactical advantage towards better communication. By seeing who is available in real-time, your staff will not have to spend time playing phone tag or sending out emails just to know who is available to assist them. 

The easiest way to manage remote employees. Yes, it is true with VoIP solutions like Phone Presence. It can be a daunting task for managers to keep track of telecommuting employees. With the help of effective data gathering and management, Phone Presence can help managers with real-time insights about availability of the remote employees. This can help you plan work accordingly. 

Improved resource management. It becomes very important for team leaders and managers to distribute tasks to employees who are available. With the help of various data collected, the managers can easily sort through the staff members that are available and online and then narrow down options for whom to connect and assign the task. In the event when a staff member is displayed as “busy”, the managers can dislocate tasks and wait for them to become available again. 

Boosts productivity. When working remotely, a major concern is to maintain and improve productivity for everyone on the team. There are many opportunities that can distract the employees during their shift and Phone Presence can help them stay productive and focussed on their current work at hand. For example, it can help employees who are working remotely to enable a “Do Not Disturb” status to avoid receiving any alerts or incoming calls during that time in which they need to be focussed on other assignments or tasks. 

If your team is geographically spread, then your business can surely find benefits from using communication solutions like Phone Presence to gather and utilize remote employees data. Now, take the next step towards getting the best VoIP solutions for your business. ClarityTel 

is here to lend a hand in guiding and helping you choose from various VoIP services and features best suited for your day-to-day communication needs. Get in touch with our experts to learn more about the best affordable VoIP solutions for your business.

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