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Why Professionals Use Cloud VoIP Communication Platforms


Small businesses are growing and advancing with every passing day. Thanks to the new technologies, startups and small businesses are reaching new heights of success. The rapid development of small-sized businesses calls for the need for high scalability. 

High-end scalability is harder to achieve using the traditional telephone system because of the high installation and maintenance cost. Thus, the need is to rely on modern yet efficient services for maximum satisfaction. 

A cloud-based solution is the modern-day answer to all the inconveniences of the traditional system. Using VoIP services would make it really convenient for businesses to handle and manage all the communications in a budget-friendly manner. 

Many names have switched to cloud-based communication models in recent times after considering its benefits. So, what makes cloud VoIP communication platforms so popular amongst small businesses? 

The offered benefits of cloud-based communication platform

The following VoIP solutions make the cloud platform a truly communication companion for small-sized businesses: 

1. Total control on communication modes and means

The complete transparency in the cloud communication model helps businesses to get complete control. The businesses can choose the desired features with a convenient on/off facility as and when needed. 

Further, this communication model allows businesses to access any feature at any time using a smart device. It also ensures real-time access to all the complicated and complex business software. 

2. Ease of use

This goes without saying. The cloud-based communication platform offers easy access to all the available features. The model allows the employees to log in from anywhere and access any feature they need. 

The features can be conveniently accessed from anywhere; it increases the productivity and efficiency of the business. It also adds to the benefit of mobility to the business operations. 

3. Complete integrated communication system

According to the latest research by Gartner, the complete integration of the business’s communication strategies with the daily operations enhances the overall performance of the business. 

The cloud-based communication system is easier and convenient to implement when compared with the traditional communication model. It helps to connect all the employees in the office easily or outside without any hassles. 

The seamless communication solution helps increase the business’s efficiency and productivity, ensuring its success.

4. Continuous and consistent business operations

Using a communication system that can be accessed from anywhere ensures continuous and consistent business operations. The cloud model is not affected by any outside factor, thus ensuring smooth workflow without interruptions. 

It allows the businesses to maintain their consistent performance, resulting in high productivity and more satisfied customers. 

5. Improved flexibility

No business is constant forever. There are several ups and downs throughout the operational span. Thus, the business needs to have high-end flexibility to adjust its scalability. 

Businesses can include many extensions to accommodate the varying work volume and scalability thanks to the cloud phone system. The added extensions help in conveniently dividing the extra workload. 

Moreover, the businesses just need to pay for the additional extensions for as long as they are required. There isn’t any extra charge once the extension is no longer in use. 

6. Cost-saving

Last but not least, a cloud-based phone system ensures maximum cost savings. Unlike the traditional phone system, the cloud communication systems don’t need any hardware cost, expensive installation and maintenance cost. 

The cloud model just needs one-time inexpensive installation and monthly service packages. This reduces the associated cost to the business and thus, thereby helps to increase the business’s profitability. 

7. Improved and dedicated customer services

Using the cloud phone system, businesses can get directly in contact with customers and clients. Moreover, it also helps to establish smooth and quick communication between the various departments. 

For example – the business can set an automatic holiday message for its customers for a specific duration. The message will be reflected for the mentioned time and then will automatically return to the non-holiday one. 

The automatic operations ensure minimal human efforts, which can be used for other essential operations for better productivity. Moreover, it also maintains loyal customers while attracting new potential ones. Thanks to this, the customers are given the desired services as and when they need them. 

8. Easy addition of new features

Are you tired of the hassles of adding new and advanced features to the traditional phone system? If yes, then a cloud-based communication model would be the right choice. 

The model allows businesses to add the required extensions during the peak business span to provide uncompromised customer assistance. The on-hold scenario can be customized along with better management of incoming/outgoing calls.


The convenient, transparent and reliable communication solutions provided by the cloud-based VoIP communication platform are the real reason for its success and popularity amongst small businesses. Such a scalable communication platform is no longer an option, but it is necessary to ensure reliable performance and assistance to the customers. Claritytel has got all the qualities and years of experience to be your true companion when planning to switch to the cloud VoIP communication platform, especially when switching from a traditional model. Call us today for the best assistance and service in the VoIP industry!

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