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Why is VoIP Good for Business?


Why is VoIP good for business? The answer could take a while. The Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services market was valued at $85.9 billion in 2015, and is estimated to reach $136.76 billion by 2020.

That growth is driven by an extensive list of VoIP benefits, but since we’re all busy, we compiled a short list of the 10 biggest reasons VoIP is good for business. You can read these in 90 seconds. Seriously — we checked.

Why is VoIP Good for Business?

1. No matter where employees are worldwide, all business phone numbers are unified via a central dashboard available anywhere with an Internet connection.

2. Business VoIP reduces administrative headaches and frustration by simplifying communication and combining voice and data together on a single system.

3. VoIP business phones easily forward calls to a particular number at a given time of day so you can address peak call times via ring/call groups, night mode or time-of-day routing. This includes sending business calls seamlessly to employee mobile devices.

4. Business VoIP lowers business costs while expanding access to services like call recording and auto attendants. Most VoIP solutions offer unlimited nationwide calling.

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5. The call monitoring and reporting capabilities of an online VoIP dashboard help the business gain valuable intelligence while ensuring compliance and identifying any security threats.

6. VoIP users can send and receive faxes without a modem-based machine or dedicated phone line. Everything is done virtually over the web. This saves money and time and enhances quality and security.

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7. Enhance customer experience with an auto attendant answering calls immediately and presenting the caller with options. Broadcasting answers to commonly asked questions while the customer is on hold can also make self-service more likely.

8. Voice broadcasting can deliver one succinct, direct message to all business contacts in a consistent, cost-effective manner.

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9. Scaling up to match the company’s growing needs or down to reflect reduced staffing during a slow season is easier with an IP- or cloud-based system as opposed to a traditional landline.

10. The hosted VoIP provider supports the network and regularly upgrades the system for security and technological innovations.

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VoIP Reduces Cost and Administration

VoIP can significantly improve business operations by:

  • Reducing costs – VoIP is less expensive than traditional landlines
  • Simplifying and unifying communications and administration
  • Adding business functionality and enhancing the customer experience

But is VoIP a good choice for your business? Typically, the answer is yes – you just need to find the option that fits your business’s needs. To find the right VoIP phone system for your company, check out our article explaining the different types of VoIP technology at your disposal.