ClarityTel Industry Insights

What is VoIP?


In making the purchasing decision for new business phone systems many ask the question, “What is VoIP?”. VoIP, which stands for Voice over Internet Protocol, is a technology allowing users to make voice calls using the Internet.

VoIP phone systems include hardware and software enabling people to transmit telephone calls using IP, as data packets, instead of relying on traditional phone circuits. VoIP solutions bring together voice and data (e.g. fax) capabilities on a single network, eliminating the need for separate lines and providers for each.

VoIP’s Advantages

IBISWorld values VoIP in the US as a $5 billion industry with 15.3% annual growth until 2017.

With VoIP for business, small, mid-sized or large companies across all verticals can access advanced telemanagement. VoIP systems offer small businesses access to sophisticated phone systems at a reasonable price.

More industries are seeing the advantages of all-digital IP business phone systems:

  • Seamless client-facing interaction. The client calls the main business number, and the call is forwarded to the employee’s designated phone (whether onsite or not).
  • Multiple functionalities. VoIP systems can include automated attendants, call forwarding, call screening, call queues, and computer integration.
  • Cost savings. Easy to set up and configure, VoIP systems are a fraction of the cost of a traditional landline systems.

Is a VoIP system right for your business?

VoIP business phone systems offer greater flexibility. The VoIP provider manages and maintains hardware, software and network for business. Yet the business remains able to seamlessly upgrade. With cloud-based VoIP systems users typically pay on a monthly per-user basis making it easy to scale up as the business grows.

VoIP users are no longer tied down to a particular country, address or phone line for their voice communications as well as fax services.

  • With nationwide portability you can keep an existing number or select a new one to gain a 1-800 number or a local presence.
  • Virtual faxing sends and receives faxes as email documents that can be easily saved, forwarded and accessed from ay computer with Internet access.

In selecting a new partner for technology needs, the business should be certain there are adequate security safeguards in place. A true VoIP leader will surpass adequate by proactively monitoring network status and customer support to help detect fraud or mitigate any compliance risks.

Many in the VoIP advanced technology solutions arena can offer a range of features to help business better communicate. At ClarityTel we stand by the idea that a true business VoIP leader stands out with its customer service and support.