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5 Questions to Ask Yourself When Choosing a Small Business Phone System


Today’s world may be dominated by smartphones – but you can’t run your business with one. As a small business owner, a professional phone system is essential. It presents an elevated corporate image to the world and ensures that your customers and suppliers can easily connect with your company. Plus, it can often lower costs while delivering advanced features that increase your productivity.

Now that you know why a phone system is so important, you need to choose the right one. There are countless options available – but they won’t all be ideal for your company. To that end, here are the key questions you must ask when selecting a business phone system:

1. What is your business’s current call volume?

First, you need to figure out how many calls you’re currently receiving on a daily basis, and how many you expect to receive in the future. The larger your call volume, the more sophisticated your business phone system will need to be.

2. Do you and your employees work remotely?

If your business operates remotely much of the time, you may require a business VoIP phone system that you can manage and access from anywhere in the world. In these cases, a landline will simply lack the flexibility you need.

3. Do you plan to add new locations in the future?

If you plan to have more than one location in the future, that should factor into choosing your business phone system. In this case, you’ll want a flexible system that can scale to meet your needs as you grow, serving multiple locations while maintaining a cohesive company image.

4. How many employees will you have in a few years?

If your five-year plan involves adding new employees to the team, keep that in mind when choosing your business phone system. As you hire additional staff, you’ll need a solution that can support them.

5. What features do you need?

The features you need will heavily influence the business phone system you ultimately chose. For example, do you have an on-site receptionist, or do you want to outsource to a live answering service? Do you need to be available to clients twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week? Do you need conference calling, advanced call routing, call recording capabilities, live call monitoring, and voicemail? Also, be sure to consider your current and future needs, as ideally, your phone system will have the ability to grow with you.

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